Entrepreneurs, please check your calendars against our funding cycle schedule below before you apply to ensure there are no conflicts.

NOTE: In light of COVID-19 and ensuing social distancing guidelines, the format of all remaining 2020 events is subject to change. Changes may include (a) modified processes for or elimination of scheduled Screening Forums, and/or (b) modified format (virtual vs. in-person) of scheduled Pitch Nights, and/or (c) other unforeseen changes that are necessary to keep members and entrepreneurs safe.

2020 Funding Cycle Calendar

  • Cycle 5* – Application Deadline: Monday, August 17 at 5pm CT
    • Virtual Pitch Night: Thursday, September 10, 5:30-9pm CT
  • Cycle 6 – Application Deadline: Monday, September 21 at 5pm CT
    • Screening Forum: Tuesday, September 29, 2-5pm CT
    • Pitch Night: Thursday, October 15, 5:30-9pm CT
  • Cycle 7 – Application Deadline: Monday, October 26 at 5pm CT
    • Screening Forum: Wednesday, November 4, 2-5pm CT
    • Pitch Night: Thursday, November 19, 5:30-9pm CT

*The Screening Forum has been canceled for Cycle 5. In lieu of a Screening Forum, all applicants will receive personalized, actionable feedback on their applications prior to review by members.